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Another spring has arrived, home appliances
Were ground early. Do not rush to buy flat-panel, three main points to remember the simplicity.

?? Turn of the year, the Spring Festival is approaching, “we the people, ah, Comin one to be happy,” ah buy a big TV screen see things clearly. Now the field of home appliances, the traditional CRT
, Refrigerator,
Washing machine
What’s been hardly a large. To really want to buy a large map a happy child, really stylish flat-panel digital appliances’ll be a good choice for TV (after all, is no longer prohibitive price).

?? However, the electrical current
, With “dazzling” to describe a little not too much, all types
Various manufacturers of flat-panel TV dazzling. How to choose? Nature is an aspect of cheap, but Ah Him has repeatedly warned readers, and “value for money” is benevolent. Speaking of performance, you also do not look at the surface of bright, do not be varied (possibly slick) various features of the confusion of the eye. “Son has said, too: Knowledge is power!” A modest selection of today to brief you on three basic elements of the plate, so that you can make a value for money (or value for money) option.

?? Three basic elements, 1?? “Image”

?? So-called “watch TV, watch TV,” Television is the first look at its most basic function is to images. The carrier is a perfect image
, Want to achieve the perfect image of this vector, then you need to picture processing technology support. Therefore, panel and picture processing technology which should be a choice between the two flat-panel TV, the first factor to consider.

?? “New digital minds”

?? Replace the “old rockets”

?? Long, long time ago, there was-known
: Astro Boy from the screen, flying, happily singing “stolen watermelon stealing watermelons, the new era
. “At that time ad less easy to achieve the degree domed stadiums. 20th century, Toshiba 90” rocket “was once the first long occupied the throne of the market. But it should be pointed at the door,” rocket “several decades not misfiring is impossible, as a company with 20 years experience in the television manufacturers television manufacturers, Toshiba has recently launched a unique imaging technology, the “new digital minds”
Image Processing
Chip. In the image technology into a full image processing, contrast, brightness Dynamic Optimization System, the digital animation oblique direction of correction, multiple digital noise reduction and
Color Management
Five elements, to achieve better image fidelity stereo reproduction.

?? With advanced panel technology and mass production brought by the superior cost-effective flat-panel TV manufacturers never make even more powerful. Toshiba will invest in the Japanese market in 2006 a new type of SED TVs is Toshiba and Canon with the joint development of next-generation SED panel technology. SED panel plasma and a combination of
Liquid crystal
The advantages of the two panels with high picture quality, energy saving, viewing angle than plasma and restrictions
Features. Once the scale of production, SED’s costs can be substantially reduced by 2010 to 5,000 yuan less. However, there is no SED TVs in the Chinese market this year will surely come.

?? “CCNC” technology perspective broadened the scope of

?? Current upper panel manufacturers to cut out line 5 on behalf of the 42-inch LCD TV panel market has been completed preheating, and rapid mass production of 7th generation line will bring 42-inch LCD TV explosive growth opportunities. How big 42-inch flat-panel market, is placed in front of each of the reality of TV manufacturers. TFT LCD TV screen now commonly used to improve the technology perspective are MVA, TN + Film, IPS several. Through continuous development of these three technologies, they can already basically meet the needs and aspirations of consumers, but the limitations of the technology itself, with varying degrees of prevalence of screen color, contrast, distortion of the defect, but the bigger the screen, the more wide angle range, distortion will be more apparent.

?? It is understood that
The recently introduced 42-inch LCD television, LCD screens are used a new perspective to improve the technology (CCNC), the technology allows users to view the effective range of technology products more than other 25% -38%. The so-called “CCNC” is a new perspective to improve screen technology (color, contrastneverchange), full name of the interpreter is called “color, contrast, non-destructive” technology, the core feature of the internal structure by improving the display, when viewing the screen color to achieve a wide viewing angle , high contrast real and restore. The technology is in Lai Cheung Konka based on the number of engine technology, with the upper panel suppliers, Konka National Development Research Center of R & D is made.

?? “
Core “technology to complete mass treatment

?? Announced the CCTV2005 innovation in recent festival, the Amoi LCD TV products stand out from the other candidates, to be the last scene of the ultimate award finalists products.