The place to be for Young Entrepreneurs: Global Clean Technology Innovation Forum

It is no secret that we need global participation in order to substitute our polluting ways. The World needs innovative and passionate leaders to bring about the change.

Athgo and UCLA are calling for Social and CleanTech entrepreneurs (or wannabes) with a passion for sustainability: On March 4-7 there will be a great event taking place in Los Angeles. If you’re a college student or young entrepreneur, this is the place to be. The 6th annual Global Clean Technology Forum at UCLA provides a platform for 200 selected young minds across the globe to learn and advance their causes toward achieving environmental sustainability. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 32 you might want to try and get one of the open slots. The deadline for applications is coming up fast, February 24.

Become an entrepreneur

The forum is hosted by Athgo, a non-profit with a strong focus on Environment and Energy, together with UCLA Sustainability. Their goal is to encourage young people to get engaged in sustainability and renewable energy and to develop and propose new initiatives in a creative and cordial environment. For four days, 200 promising peers will be together with influential government representatives, scientists, diplomats, experts and corporate executives to showcase successful sustainability practices.  Participants will work in small groups throughout the event, and every group will submit a business model that presents an innovative approach to addressing a particular aspect of the program. On the final day, each group will be present its business model on one of the innovation panels. The proposals will be evaluated by leaders in government, the private sector, and civil society, and will be showcased at the conference closing ceremonies. A jury will identify the participants with the best results, who will get the support of Athgo to continue the development of the business models.

Discussions & Panels

The Global Forum is highly interactive and includes a combination of individual presentations, panels and informal and group-to-group discussion sessions. Panels will be on the following topics:

– Rewards and Incentives for Going Clean

– Renewable Power Generation

– Clean Technology Funding

– Sustainable Development

– National and International Policies

– Recycling and Waste Management

– The Role of Media

How to apply?

You must apply by February 24 by submitting a one-page personal statement addressing only one of the following:

  • If a newspaper were to do a story about your life to date, what would they write about?
  • Describe your unique qualities and passion for your advocacy work and what let you toward that work or schooling
  • Describe a moment in your life or a situation that occurred which impacted on how you live your life today

Registration is free, apply here.

CleanTechies wishes you luck, and if you end up going – tell us about your experiences on this Blog!