The Nintendo Switch OLED has a screen protector you shouldn’t remove

The Nintendo Switch OLED gaming console is one of the hottest pieces of tech on the market today and in short supply. Due to chip shortages and shortages of all kinds, companies like Nintendo are having a hard time producing products.

You’d be fortunate to find a Nintendo Switch OLED at your local Best Buy or Target, as they are quickly scooped up before the dust on the shelf even settles. Still, some users have been lucky enough to get their hands on a Switch OLED, and there’s one thing those users should be aware of.

The latest Switch comes not only with a beautiful OLED display, but it also comes with a screen protector over that display. Nintendo calls this screen protector an “anti-scattering adhesive film” while protecting the screen somewhat; its primary function is to protect the user. We should note that we do have the Switch OLED (review coming soon) and you can barely notice this protector and really have to look for it.

The previous Nintendo Switch models did not need screen protectors as the display covers were all made of plastic. However, the new Nintendo Switch OLED does have a glass display cover, and this screen protector was designed to contain shards of glass should the display break.

We reached out to Nintendo for comment and it confirmed that the protective screen should stay on alongside mentioning that users can also add another screen protector on top of it if they so choose.

“As indicated on page 2 of the Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information and Usage Guidelines document (included in the box with the system), please do not peel off the anti-scattering adhesive film from the OLED screen of the console,” a spokesperson from Nintendo of America said to IGN. “Nintendo sells an official OLED Model screen protector that fits the new screen, so yes you can use one. Here’s the Product Info.”


So don’t ruin that brand new Switch OLED by removing that screen protector.