Some of My Favorite Sirius Satellite Radio Accessories

Things have come a long way since the early days of satellite radio. I can remember when you were pretty much limited to using your Sirius satellite radio when you were in your vehicle. Thank goodness those days are just a memory now. There is an extensive line of Sirius satellite radio accessories now that make it possible to use your Sirius radio pretty much anywhere. That being said there are still some radios that have more accessories available than others so make sure when you purchase yours you see what Sirius satellite radio accessories are available before you make a purchase. I will cover some of my favorite accessories for my radio.

The Sirius SUB-X1 Universal Plug ‘n’ Play Boombox is definitely one of my favorites. This boombox is compatible with the Sportster 3, Sportster 4, Starmate 3, Starmate 4, and Stratus receivers. You can take this boombox anywhere and it produces great sound. The highs are crisp and clear and the bass is astounding from such a small piece of audio equipment. It comes with an indoor/outdoor antenna that provides great reception and comes with a 19.5 foot cable that enables you to get a clear view of the sky in most any situation. An added bonus with this boombox is you can connect your iPod or MP3 player to it as well through the auxiliary input. All these features make this one of my personal favorite Sirius satellite radio accessories.

The next of my favorite Sirius radio accessories is the XM Sirius Satellite Radio Motorcycle Antenna. There is nothing better than being able to listen to the programming that I want when I am out cruising the highway on my bike. This antenna makes it possible by providing excellent reception and mounting conveniently out of the way.

Another of my favorite Sirius radio accessories is the SIRIUS SHDK1 Home Antenna/Distribution Kit. This kit makes getting the Sirius satellite radio signal in your home a breeze. This antenna can be mounted anywhere that it can get a clear view of the Sirius satellite pathways and then can pump the signal anywhere in your home. It is great to be able to take your receiver out of your vehicle and plug it in when you get home to be able to continue listening to your favorite shows.

The last of my favorite Sirius satellite accessories is the ARKON SR012 Satellite Radio Mount Weighted Friction Mount. This mount is great because it works in any vehicle and can easily be moved around. I simply connect my receiver to the mount when I get in my vehicle and take it off when I go in my home or work. The great thing is if I am traveling with my wife I simply take the mount and the receiver and it works perfect.