Silverlight Application Development

Silverlight is a web application development framework that enables and helps in creating rich interactive application by bringing together graphics, animation and multimedia. It consists of the main presentation framework that is responsible for the over all look and feel of an application. It is also responsible for User Interface (UI), basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback, interactivity and user input, DOM integration, Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).
Silverlight application development also brings in the properties of light class library with the help of components like extensible controls, XML Web Services, networking components and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) APIs etc. Silverlight, from the house of Microsoft, helps the developers in creating and generating effects of high-class value in animation allowing to bring in effects like blur, drop down and other easy effects like bounce, elastic effects, etc. This results in smoother animation transition that are in high demand by major companies and this is the right option for providing them that.
Microsoft Silverlight development also lets you develop text animation effects where you can play with the text animation with ease. It helps in effective and more efficient rendering and text animation within an application. Microsoft Silverlight development use local font support that accounts for faster load time and this again is really required in the times when faster work is not only required but expected too.
Some of the other benefits of using Silverlight application development: * It provides highest quality videos * Silverlight allows for a cross platform and cross browser compatibility giving you a wider scope of operation * Two levels of application development processes letting developers and designers to work independently on their core area of expertise * It is highly cost effective. There is hardly any money that you need to spend and you the get the best quality solutions on that price * There is 3rd party language support available and thus the developers can use Ruby, Python and EcmaScript * Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser Remote Debugging is also possible * Visual Studio is an award winning development platform which means you get the best development environment * Silverlight gives content providers complete control over their rich media content
There is a dramatic improvement in speed for AJAX-enabled websites that begin to use Silverlight, leveraging the Microsoft .net framework.
So, if you are looking to improve the animation quality in your application, if you want very little investment with high results and if you want the ease of development process then you should use Silverlight application development and reap all the above-mentioned benefits.