Reasons Not to Buy DVD Collection Database Software

If you’ve ever considered making a DVD collection database to organize your movies, now’s the perfect time to do so. Your computer can make organizing your movies as fast and easy (or as tedious and complicated) as you wish. You can even find great, friendly companies that put out awesome DVD collection database software with features that make it seem like you’re browsing through an Internet video store, all after using its quick and easy interface that lets you enter movies with a few clicks.

But maybe all that ease and fun isn’t really for you. Some people like tedious and time-consuming tasks, and relish the hours spent over a keyboard doing hard work. Maybe you’re one of them? Here’s a handy test to determine if DVD collection database software is just not for you.

You Love Data Entry: Hours spent on mindless tasks like typing movie titles are big fun for you. Who would want DVD collection database software that does all that hard work for you, and even enters detailed movie information, detailed TV series information including episode titles and descriptions, and in-depth cast information?

You’re Hyper-Organized: You want to enter every tiny bit of information yourself because no DVD collection database software is going to have enough categories. Movie and episode information, detailed statistics, even images and critic comments about the film aren’t enough. The detailed cast information supplied by the best software, the ability to organize, print, and see statistics about your collection-if you can’t type in all that information yourself, you just won’t be happy.

You Believe Simple is Best: And much of the time, you’re right. So why would you want full-featured DVD collection database software, anyway? Who could possibly want to be able to watch the movie directly from the software? You’ll never want to export your collection to HTML so that it’s viewable through a browser, or easily uploaded to a website so you can share your collection with friends. You don’t want to be able to do a fast search of your collection or save it to mobile devices. Just a list, please.

You’re Spartan: Who wants a great-looking interface? Movie posters and DVD cover images, even screen captures from the films that you choose to add, and the ability to change skins-that stuff’s for sissies. You want a white screen with black text. Block text is best. No DVD collection database software for you.

You Don’t Like Fun Things: If it’s fun and easy, why bother? Just because DVD collection database software can make it a joy to enter movies, update your collection and simply browse through the images and information as if you were browsing at a great-looking, easy-to-navigate video store, that’s no reason to use the software. Bah!

Fortunately, for the rest of us who want to have as much fun organizing and keeping track of our collections as we can, full-featured and fun DVD collection database software is available.