Peeling Back the Onion – Knowing the Attributes of an Effective Direct Marketing Database

The depth and quality of a marketer’s database is the key to a successful marketing campaign. It is only ideal to set up a database that will deliver sales leads and ensure increase in revenue. Direct marketing database is one of the most effective strategy you can adopt for your growing business.

It is the idea of generating leads from a detailed list of existing or potential customers. It is a targeted and inexpensive technique when properly executed. Essentially, it is a form of marketing driven by information about customers. The idea of a direct marketing approach goes beyond the straightforward marketing approach of a regular advertisement such as TV or radio, which the customer often discards. A lot of companies have been applying this trend in marketing. One of the best tools that you can use to apply this in your business is your direct marketing database.

Purchasing the business database from an outsourced company puts you in a greater advantage, they will attempt to identify qualified prospective customers by numerous demographic criteria and then market only to those businesses. What are the specific attributes of a direct marketing database to ensure a successful marketing campaign?

The database must be detailed enough to identify good leads- Customer’s information needs to be detailed enough in order for marketer’s to create a meaningful distinctions between those who are likely to purchase you offer and those who would be unqualified these are the people who can’t afford or who has no need of your products and services.

It must also be accurate so that the targeted recipients are reached-The marketer don’t need to store and update extraneous information of customers that do not have any compelling need. This means that even before the database is used, the marketer must also be really familiar with the market. This can be achieved through the help of the in house data and information or from an outside provider that really knows the demographics or other traits that characterizes a good prospective customers

It must be flexible enough to allow detailed manipulation and effective maintenance- Detail alone would not ensure a perfect and error-free database. If the mailing addresses or any other information are out of date, the information may be worthless. There are a lot of tools a marketer might use to update the data, you can change the address etc. If you are outsourcing from another company make sure that they have a system that they constantly update the information. Out-of-date records will only cost a lot of wasted money without any promise of returns. Having the accurate information on the database is crucial. If all the relevant information about potential customers is wrong the marketing strategy will really fail. Maintaining such an accurate data is a challenge, you can have your own in house data or you may also purchase this through commercial vendors.

There a lot of vendors that contains all the names and addresses suited for your target market. You’ll be ensured that there is a more detailed data on customers especially when you purchase it commercially. Most often than not all the information is maintained rigorously compared to doing it on your own. These companies usually have the system set up to maintain a data at a lower cost. Setting up a database is paramount in today’s business environment is the cheapest is not the best, inexpensive data are unlikely to have undergone maintenance. An effective direct marketing database is updated regularly, make sure that you look for a company that can deliver quality lead list. That can generate customers upon employing this strategy.