1 Million Employments in Four Years: AGEXPORT

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1 Million Employments in Four Years: AGEXPORT´s GOAL

August 2011 (PRWEB) August 25, 2011

The Guatemalan Exporters Association, -AGEXPORT- proposes that by promoting three strategic pillars, Guatemala could increase exports, in the next four years, up to US$ 17,400 million per year, which would result in the duplication of employments, generating two million jobs throughout the country.

“A recent study revealed that a higher economic growth is expected for Guatemala, due to the promotion that exports have received this year… This is what we have been looking forward to for almost 3 decades, because exports have created an employment boom or employment growth in textile and land production, operations management, in distribution and marketing, in the supply of raw material sand services, and in additional meters of construction, energy consumption, food, etc,” expressed AGEXPORT´s President of the Board of Directors, Francisco Menendez.

This new proposal of AGEXPORT covers issues from a more direct participation of the President of the Republic of Guatemala in those institutions that are responsible for the promotion of foreign trade, to the inclusion of the rural areas in export related activities, enhancing the Supply Chain Project methodology. This proposal will be presented to the political parties, business associations, donors and research centers.

“The problem is that policies are not focused on linking poverty elimination with job creation, goods and services must be produced in a competitive way in order to reach the major international markets, which for small countries like ours, that have a high dependency on foreign trade in order to overcome challenges such as the reduction of 6.6 million people living in poverty,” explained Menendez.

Therefore, according to the exporters, in order to overcome national challenges, the strategy is based on three pillars: Strengthening of the institutions responsible for foreign trade, a new law to Promote Investment and Employment and the Development of Exportable Offer.

Agexport describes very precisely the immense opportunities that current global trends are making available for small countries with aggressive investment and export policies. The proposals are concrete, such as raising the National Export Council –CONAPEX- to the Presidential lead, with a co chairmanship of the Minister of Economy and the National Commissioner of Competitiveness as Executive Director. The proposal is that the legal document be a Decree of the Congress of the Republic, where there is also a solid legal basis for the National Program of Competitiveness -PRONACOM-, Invest in Guatemala and the Guatemala Trade & Investment-GTI-.

Also, there is a proposal to create a new law that will allow free zones as a key instrument of the state policy to attract investment and employment to Guatemala. This Law would contain tools in accordance with the WTO, which also would encourage resource allocation in special development zones, as well as the promotion of new fields based on information technology and services exports.

“The strategy provides that Congress take a leading role in the promulgation of laws that promote economic growth in rural areas and the country, as well as the law that creates the Guatemalan Institute of Food Safety, Animal and Plant Health, the ratification of ILO Convention175, Law of English Language Learning, ICT Development Law and the Law of the National Port Authority, etc,” expressed Menendez.

In order to increase the export supply, export entrepreneurs propose to include rural area regions through the Supply Chain Project methodology and the promotion of specific programs for each of the export areas such as Hydro-biological, Apparel and Textiles, Agriculture, Crafts and Services, among others.

“In AGEXPORT we are convinced that prosperity in Guatemala can be achieved and poverty can be solved. Poverty is combated with employment, employment is created through production, production requires market access, market access is granted through exports, and these in turn are successful due to the competitiveness of a country and of its human resources. This is what we have to achieve, and Guatemalans do not only have to understand it but make it a reality,” expressed Menendez.


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Sales Career Advice Tell You To Make Deal With The Object

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Sales career advice

Sales career advice

Without any noticed of the length of your sales career, you always face the object and need sales career advice. You really can not expect 100% of your potential customers to talk about the desire to say yes to your sales pitch. In fact, vendors who currently provide free items for promotional purposes, but also against. The key to handling objections is whether it can really be considered a sign of a possible sale. All you have to do is to continue without the unpleasant. One problem that people who sells the most is that they tend to be overly aggressive and rude, even if the potential customers who are not already a big scream.

Advice about careers, sales, you must remember that people are interested in empathy. If a sales person numb, then you will surely find their doors knocked on the front or the phones to win, even if you’re still talking. So the first thing to say, do you hear that tell a potential client who is interested can see how you feel. Be gracious and grateful, even after receiving a complaint of his clients off guard. This is something that can wait according to sales career advice.

In addition to empathy, it is also important to let your customer know it’s not the only one who feels this way. So after telling him to understand the reaction, say some of his customers feel the same things you do. This is important because you are stating that you are saying. At this point, the protection of your potential customer to be low and are more open to what he said next. Being able to do and it also helps to achieve career success in sales.

The next step is to tell your potential customer and other customers for their opinion of your product in the past. Do not tell her mind because she is very tense, and it will only do it once a protective mechanism. For example, telling him that their previous customers have found that they sell the product works very well and we are happy to give their product a try. Be sure to practice your speech in your country as sales career advice said for you, to be sure that when you’re in front of your customers. It is also advisable to think about possible scenarios and objections to know what to say in different situations.

Small Town Business Ideas According To Customer Presence

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Small town business ideas

Small town business ideas

In Starting a business in a small town you need small town business ideas, with its customer base is limited, especially in remote areas. City size does not define the success or failure in business, business ideas and research, to consider ways to meet the needs of the universal and exclusive offers residents and guests.

Bed and breakfast

Even without the small tourist town has many visitors to the school and family celebrations, and bed and breakfast offers comfortable accommodation option, which is especially useful if your city does not have the hotel is attractive or Major transportation route. Bed and breakfast can be used in small home or a second park and shopping malls. Its inception is in the market listings of bed and breakfast, hotel websites, blogs and websites in your field. Set up your website and hire a professional search engine optimization, including high quality images and show ways to decorate a bedroom. Promote bed and breakfasts in the local newspapers, so that residents can send to your friends and family to visit.

Senior Care

Some cities do not have a large number of people, and can be more involved in their communities, older people starting a business, even though some clients will profit greatly. Select the business angle to suit your schedule and conditions. If you have a reliable car and an open schedule, you can start a business to transport elderly resident’s nondriving agreement or social calls. You can also offer relocation assistance to set up technological solutions, or to run errands, like the market to buy and take drugs. If you have a background in health, consider starting a home business with a physician. This is one of small town business ideas.

Health Foods

Small towns can be reduced and limited to selected restaurants and fast food cafe. It can offer something different, a health food restaurant. In this way, an alternative for people who want dishes that are mild and do not restrict food concerns. On the Insert menu, including vegan and vegetarian options, and to wish her marketing overcome resistance or negative community perceptions of “hippie food.”

Pet Equipment

Livestock owners in small towns, there may be a problem if you need to travel, especially if they do not have any friends or relatives who are unable to care for your pet. Open a pet kennel or place of business at home and pets short or long. The pet owners are a person familiar with the consolation of control. If you have the skills, education and training, to provide extra value to our customers and bring more. You can choose more small town business ideas for your business.

What Is Facebook Advertising

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Whether you are new to internet marketing or whether you are experienced, you will know that there are many different methods of advertising. Traditional methods include article marketing, paid advertising (such as pay per click) and SEO.

However, there is now another popular internet marketing tool which has being introduced by Facebook. Facebook Advertising is an excellent way to achieve maximum exposure and target specific customers. This form of internet marketing will reach people that many other types of marketing are unable to reach.

So what is Facebook Advertising and how will it benefit you?

If you use Facebook then you have probably seen their adverts which are located on the side of your page. When you view your Facebook page you will not see the same adverts as everyone else. The majority of these adverts will be specifically aimed towards your interests. The ads that you will see will be specifically chosen based on your various Facebook pages, groups, likes and interests.

The adverts are small and simple yet extremely powerful. These ads are located on the right hand side of the page, running vertically. They do not take over the page, but each one is capable of encouraging people to click on them. If you choose to use Facebook ads then you will be given a 110 x 80 pixel box which will consist of a title or destination URL, image and body text. The body text is a total of 135 characters which is longer than Google AdWords.

The creative design and content of your ad will play a critical role in attracting the attention of Facebook users. Therefore including an image is a great idea, as this will catch their eye.

The great thing about Facebook ads is that they are displayed on mobile phones. More and more people are accessing the internet via their mobiles. Therefore this method of advertising catches a new type of audience.

Facebook Advertising is a very strong marketing tool especially within the social networking aspect. It is much cheaper to use than other pay per click and traditional paid advertising such as Google AdWords. It is a great internet marketing tool to use, especially if you are new to internet advertising or if you want to try some additional internet marketing techniques.