Nanoleaf’s latest smart lighting products are Matter compatible, partners with Umbra

Earlier this month, Nanoleaf unveiled the Essentials Matter GU10, Essentials Matter Recessed Downlight and the Umbra Cono Portable Lamp smart lighting devices. All three devices are Matter-compatible, making them easier to integrate into your home’s smart lighting setup.

The GU10 and Recessed Downlight join the A19 and Lightstrip, expanding the company’s suite of Matter-enabled lighting. Each of the devices can be controlled within the Nanoleaf App or with your preferred smart home app, including Apple, Google, Amazon, and SmartThings via Matter over Thread. The smart color-changing LED light bulbs are easy to set up and with the apps, one can just as easily adjust brightness, set Schedules, and even play unique lighting Scenes for custom ambience.

The Umbra Cono Portable Lamp kicks off a new Smart Lamp Collection collaboration between Nanoleaf and Umbra, a leading Canadian global design brand. As Nanoleaf describes the lamp, it features full-spectrum RGBW lighting options (16M+ colours and tunable whites), smart customizable settings, and dynamic lighting Scenes, making it the ideal tech meets design lighting product for small spaces. It also features a five-hour battery life that can power a perfect ambiance wherever you take it. Its playful design allows you to direct light where you need it by positioning it upright, on its side, or even upside down – for just a hint of illumination. Its unique leg design doubles as a handle so you can move it around your home, adding an element of play into your everyday lighting experience. 

“Nanoleaf is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Umbra.Together, we’ve merged thoughtful design with cutting-edge technology to create products that will elevate the way people interact with their spaces.”

Gimmy Chu, Nanoleaf CEO & Co-Founder

The Nanoleaf Umbra Cono Portable Smart Lamp
The Nanoleaf Umbra Cono Portable Smart Lamp.

The Cup Lamp, on the other hand, is a beautifully crafted lamp that adds a touch of elegance to any workspace or study area. Incorporating a USB charging port and unique cup base makes it a perfect fit for limited desk space, providing both functional lighting and organizational appeal. Umbro is just as excited by the collaboration:

“We’re excited to partner with Nanoleaf to bring original and inspirational design to the SMART lighting category. With their expertise in smart home innovation and Umbra’s passion for modern everyday design, we’ve created a beautiful collection of original and inspirational smart lighting products to elevate our customers’ day to day spaces.”

Les Mandelbaum, President and Co-Founder of Umbra

The GU10 and Downlight are available now for pre-order at and retail for USD$49.99/CAD$59.99 (GU10 3PK) and USD$34.99/CAD$49.99 (Downlight). The Nanoleaf x Umbra Cono Portable Lamp is available for pre-order on the Nanoleaf website and retails for $95. Orders will ship by early November with the Cup Lamp coming early next year.