Marketing Management

For those with a talent for marketing who are actively looking toward the next level in this diverse and fast paced career path, a marketing management degree could be exactly what you’re looking for. From a marketing management certificate in less than a year to a Bachelor degree in as little as four years, it’s an attainable and rewarding degree with a broad spectrum of jobs available at the completion of your education.

Marketing managers are the backbone of the marketing industry and are the ones responsible for analyzing market trends, pinpointing target markets and ensuring campaign effectiveness.

A creative marketing campaign is nothing if it isn’t reaching the correct market or pushing the right buttons of consumerism and a marketing management degree will give you the tools and the skills to help you do exactly that. Marketing managers can successfully launch new products, employ strategic market planning and spot trends before they hit the mainstream market.

Degree programs will also help you learn how to effectively lead a team, liaison between staff and clients, and recognize problems before they become damaging to a client, campaign, or specific brand.

With the down turn in our global economy, well trained marketing managers have become an even more important part of the marketing process. With less funds available for marketing, promotions and general advertising, it has become vitally important that any and all marketing hit its desired audience. Gone are the days of expensive and scattered “blanket marketing” strategies as few companies can afford such a hit and miss approach. Companies, both large and small, are demanding marketing strategies that are tighter, more direct and certainly more commercially beneficial. To attain this level of marketing precision, more and more businesses are putting their money behind a professional with a marketing management degree. In less than four years, that could be you.