Ivy For Your Home And Garden

This plant, in some of its varieties, is probably the most popular ornament in the room. The ease of culture, beautiful leaves, fast growing and evergreen nature combine to make a favorite.
the richer the soil the more rapid growth, the soil should be rich loam. However, to avoid stimulating fertilizer. He slips easily from the root, taken at each joint of the leaf, and well placed in the soil or water, it will soon root and can then be transferred to pots.
The only precaution to take in the growth of grass is to prevent freezing, while in growth, when frozen, to keep the sun out of it, thaw in cold water from the source water garden http://www.fardacc.com/ they possess. In summer, plants can be placed on doors and make a strong growth.
There are many species, the most common is Hedera helix, the twinning of English ivy, native to Europe, many varieties. The leaves of this species varies considerably and prices are based on these changes.
There are two very beautiful species, silver and gold, the foliage is beautiful with white skin and gold. Ivy aborescence the tree or simply a form of the common variety, represented by its homing aborescence often. The leaves are entire, and often the plant keeps its shape for years.
H. Roegneriana is a variety with large leaves, shaped like a heart, which is greatly appreciated.
H. digi Tata, Grabber, Grabber, and Ivy is a good variety of rapid growth, the leaves are small, dark veins. This is called, wrongly, Irish Ivy.
H. Canariensis, the giant Irish or ivy, five-lobed leaves, and larger than those of English ivy. This type of ivy can not be the best sculpture terrace areas (http://www.garden-fountains.com/Detail.bok?no=3416) is shown as it can get pretty long and the shadow of statues.
Almost all varieties of nursery catalogs are the only forms of this, with strange foliage.
Ivy Gold is a beautiful plant when it is young
the leaves are a mass of yellow flowers appear. Ivies are grown in suspension around windows, toured the frames and mirrors, it can be decorated to the highest degree.
The plants should always be supplied with water, but never allowed to stand at the root. Large plants common varieties can be bought cheaply. The varieties of leaves are a bit expensive.
If you have ivy outdoors (and thrive so far from the sun in winter), a nice effect can be produced by cutting the branches and keep them in jars and sources of rainwater. Also grow throughout the winter and spring planting beautiful plants for the fall.
The plant commonly called grass is not German ivy, Senecio scandens botanical name. It is well known, rapid growth and freedom against insects. The Coliseum is a kind of snap dragon Ivy, as shown by examination of flowers and a beautiful plant that is a botanical Cymbalaria Linaria.
Ivy is Virginia creeper or five-leaf Woodbine (Ampelopsis virginica), an inhabitant of our forests. Poison Ivy Rhus radicans or Rhus Toxicodendron, and not of the same family as one of the above.