Iris Recognition Technology

It is very much important that we have a good security system not only in businesses but also in our own houses. There are actually several ways on how you can secure your properties, belongings, and establishments and among these ways is the iris recognition technology.

Iris recognition technology is actually a security method wherein it scans or photographs the user’s iris so that he or she may be authenticated or authorized to gain access into a certain facility or establishment. This particular security measure is among the many biometric security solutions that we currently have.

Iris recognition technology may be very expensive that is why it is commonly implemented only in high-security areas such as top government facilities or other places where great security is needed.

Iris recognition technology works somehow similar to a finger print scanner wherein the camera takes a black and white photograph of the user’s iris and it is then saved into the database.

Just like a finger print, every human being has a unique iris pattern and it cannot be tampered with easily unlike finger prints. Since finger prints remain on surfaces, it makes other people or spies to easily replicate the finger print it thus giving them the opportunity to take advantage of this particular security flaw with finger print scanners.

Identical twins may have the same finger prints but not iris patterns this is why iris recognition technology is considered as the one of the most advanced technology when it comes to security matters.

Iris patterns are also stable and they do not change unlike finger prints wherein they may change as the person ages.

Iris recognition technology may also be used in hotels as replacements for room keys enabling the customer to bring nothing but still have access to his or her hotel room.