Infographic: A brief look at The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad has been released into the wild, and I’m excited to hear what you think about it. The first Suicide Squad movie left a lot to be desired, and frankly, this version doesn’t look much better. But I can’t be too harsh on the film yet; I at least need to view it for myself.

Still, The Suicide Squad was an excellent comic series, at least when I was still collecting comics. I’m not sure what happened to the series or characters after I quit buying comics, but they must have had some impact, considering the material is being used for feature films.

Now, I admit I’ve been disconnected from the comic book world for a while now, so many things may have changed with these characters. The folks over at Ace Cash Express, who were fishing for a link back, put together this fun infographic that goes over the 16 misfit anti-heroes of the Squad and gives origins and powers.

You may want to check out The Suicide Squad trailer first; check that out below, followed by the infographic:

Meet The Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad