Huge Profits from Tiny Houses Affiliate Programs

Tiny houses may be little, but they are gaining quite a large following. The people who build and live in them don’t just opt for a smaller house. They adopt a simpler lifestyle, too. And as such, there’s a very real need for information, making it perfect for affiliates!

A tiny house requires a whole lot less of a lot of things: heating, cooling, cleaning, upkeep. You can build one for around USD $20,000 on average, but you can build carefully to keep costs low or go all out. The small price tag, compared to monthly mortgage payments, is a massive convenience. That alone is reason enough to consider getting a tiny dwelling of your own.

Is the tiny house movement worth joining? Real estate investor Marko Rubel says it’s definitely a potentially lucrative pursuit in his post on the tiny house movement in Huffington Post.

I could bore you with all details on why this niche is worth going into, but I will let this infographic show you why more and more Americans are considering joining the tiny house movement.

Keywords: All Tiny

The keywords in this niche are mostly high competition. This is expected, as tiny homes are a hot trend. There are some low-competition keywords, mostly information keywords like “how to build a tiny house.” But any keyword that hints at buying a tiny house or a house plan will have high competition.

This is where good research will come in. Doing proper keyword research and really knowing your niche will help you determine which keywords to go for. You’ll also have an idea of which keywords will get you good monthly search values without encountering head-to-head competition. In the tiny house niche, keywords that deal with selecting a house, or ways to increase space in living areas, are worth looking into.

You can always go into for variations on your keyword.

Tiny House Affiliate Programs

I found a lot of tiny house affiliate programs online in the course of my research for this niche, but I still took the time to look at ClickBank’s Marketplace, in case the site had any good ones. I always make it a point to check ClickBank because it’s still one of the easiest affiliate networks to join.

There are a handful tiny homes affiliate programs in ClickBank, but only 1 is good enough to include in this list. The rest are only mildly related to the tiny homes niche, or have little to zero commission.

Tiny House Plans

This is the most common product you’ll find on this niche. House plans are important in this niche for the same reason people want to get a tiny house: to save space. This means homeowners need to have a house plan that maximizes the available square footage.

Tiny House Plans go to the website, where you will be able to select and purchase different floorplans for small homes. You get 50% for each sale.


Tumbleweed has been in the tiny house business since 1999. That was way before the tiny house boom. Back then, the homes the company built were classified as RVs. Some still are, as Tumbleweed offers options for tiny homes on wheels (also known as THoWs) as well as slab-built designs.

Tumbleweed also offers workshops. Affiliates get $10 commission for sales of books, house plans and workshops, while sales of trailers and materials get you 10%.

You can join the affiliate program through

Tiny House Design

Blog owner Michael Janzen is not an architect but a designer, as he says on his website’s About page. He has designed 12 “houses on wheels” that he sells on his website,

His website is a great resource for anyone looking to build and live in their own tiny house. You get 30% commission for each sale of his house plans. You can also join Amazon’s affiliate network, and promote his other e-book on tiny house plans.

Head on to DPD to promote Tiny House Design. Or, just register through the site’s affiliate page.

Humble Homes

Humble Homes offers tiny house and modular house plans. The site also has plans for cabins and retreat houses for people who want something a bit different.

The site offers affiliates 25% commission for each sale. You need to register with E-Junkie to promote the program.

Four Lights Tiny House Company

Four Lights is similar to Tumbleweed in that it offers workshops along with the usual array of house plans.

The affiliate program is also on Affiliates enjoy 20% commission on each sale of books, e-books, workshops and house plans., like, is one man’s website devoted to living a simpler life in a tiny home he built. Alek, the site’s owner, is a “web designer by trade.” according to his About page.

He manages his own affiliate program so you can register right on the’s affiliates page. He offers 20% commission for each sale of his construction plans.

Building A Presence

Link building and inbound marketing is challenging. There are a lot of methods to try, and it’s almost always trial-and-error when you’re first starting out. Even when you’ve built a site or two and know your way around, you can find yourself getting stumped in this area occasionally.

You may have a link-building strategy that has worked for three of your sites. That is no guarantee the same will work for your fourth site.

So, it’s always a good idea to keep up with the times. Read and learn more about current link-building and inbound marketing methods. And if you’re starting out, have a strategy ready, even while in the early stages of building your site.

Link building can creep up on you before you know it, so it’s best to have at least a rough draft of how you’ll promote the site once it’s up.

Social Media Marketing

Pinterest is a good place to share images of these lovely homes, then include your affiliate link, or a link to a relevant article on your site where your affiliate link is waiting.

You can use other social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, but Pinterest and Instagram, with their image-sharing features and millions of users, are the best venues for promoting tiny houses.

Amazon Kindle Traffic

Take your research further, or have someone do the research for you, and create a small e-book on tiny houses. It does not have to be comprehensive. Focus on a specific topic, like current design trends, or how you can further maximize space in these small dwellings.

Place your affiliate links, or links to relevant pages on your site, in the e-book and then upload it to Amazon. You can charge a small fee for each download, but giving it away for free will most likely get you more traffic to your site.

You can also use the same e-book as bait to increase your subscribers.

Link Baiting

If you have the research and know a good designer (or you are one yourself), consider creating a cool infographic about tiny houses and link back to your resources. This is not just so you have content that can easily go viral, but also so that you’ll have some “bait” for the authority sites in your niche.

Once the infographic is published, send an email to your resources and let them know you featured them. If they take the bait, then you have a high-profile site linking back to yours. If not, well, you still have that awesome content.

It doesn’t have to be an infographic, either. Any content, a well-written article, a slideshow or whiteboard video, will do for this particular method.

Tiny House Affiliate Programs: Huge Profits or Too Small for Comfort?

The tiny house movement is becoming more and more popular. it’s not just a fad; it’s a lifestyle that’s building a following, and over time, this niche could easily become an evergreen one. The commissions you could earn from the affiliate programs in this niche are substantial, too.

Whether you want to go and buy a tiny house yourself, you’re already living in one, or even if you just fancy a tiny house, This is a good niche to go into. It’s also a great way to expand a website on real estate.

There’s the usual competition, especially for a trending topic. The way around that is to have a link building and inbound marketing strategy ready. Do your research and plan out the content for your site too.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Niche of the Week. Are you interested in tiny houses? Would you live in one? Are there any niches you want featured? Don’t be shy — leave a comment and let us know!

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