How to Synchronize PC Files to Google Docs

If you are used to sharing your official work files such as spreadsheets or items for presentations, the current format only allows you to send each file, one at a time to Google Docs. The procedure can be both tedious and time consuming. For instance, you may want to attach extra files to an existing batch. It would thus require that you manually create new folders where you can store your documents at the cloud database. This method takes a lot of time and less efficient.

There are short cut functions which allow you to drag and drop your folders directly from your desk top to Google Docs cloud server. The feature can be executed if you are using Windows or Explorer on your PC. For instance, if using Windows, Click on ‘my computer’ then go to ‘My documents’ and choose the folder you would want to transfer to Google Docs. Click and drag the folder to the Cloud Hero drive on your personal computer. Release your folder onto the Cloud Hero space. The file or folder would automatically be uploaded to the Google Docs cloud database. You can undertake all that without having to log on to Google Docs.

The advantages in using this technique is that everything is automated and you need not perform any other work because every other function is automated. Because the process is similar to the usual way of using Windows you would find that it is easy to do it. There is no extra software or program to be learnt. Cloud Hero is indeed a great time-saving feature which allows you to work more efficiently.

It suffices to note that with Google Docs, you are only concerned with transfer of files in the same way as you do with MS Office, Excel, PDF, or PowerPoint. If, for example you are a premier Google apps user, you can easily utilize drag and drop function within the Cloud Hero program through the “any file type” feature to store your files in the Google Docs. This allows you to send and store different types of file formats such as video and audio. Folders which you use in conjunction with AutoCAD, Quicken or QuickBooks can also be stored there.

You realize that the docs on the cloud takes over the functions of any backup system despite the fact that it is remotely located in the virtual cloud. This makes for a great saving compared to other backup options. What makes Cloud Hero great is the fact that it accommodates any alterations plus adjustments made to files on your desk top. Any changes made to a file on your desk top would automatically be updated at Google Docs. The automated updating of files takes place while you are connected online.