How to Find a Reliable Maxtor Data Recovery Service

Maxtor produces exceptional hard drives. But like other electronic equipments, these drives can fail due to several technical reasons that are beyond the control of ordinary mortals like us. When your hard drive fails, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable Maxtor data recovery service.

Finding a reliable data recovery service is not easy. You may encounter services that can not provide a proper diagnosis of the hard drive’s problem and they will still charge a hefty fee. To avoid headaches and to save your data, here is a simple guide for choosing the right Maxtor data recovery service.

No Recovery, No Fee Always choose a service provider that does not charge a fee if it can not recover your data. The majority of service providers today are like doctors. They will charge consultation fees even if the only workup they did is to look at your hard drive. Remember, they are in the data recovery business. If they can not recover your data, there is no point of paying them a hefty fee for so-called consultation service.

Don’t Be Deceived by Success Rate Claims It is possible to find a data recovery facility that boasts of 90+ percent success rate. There are also services that will tell you upfront that they can only promise up to 60-70 percent success rate. Obviously, you will probably hire a company with higher success rate.

In this kind of business, a 90+ percent recovery rate is almost impossible. The best that you can hope for is up to 70 percent recovery rate. Hard drives are very sensitive. A small physical defect could wipe out some of your data permanently. The average recovery rate is only 60 percent. So a company telling you that it can recover 90+percent of your data is trying to sweet talk you.

Go for Authorized Recovery Facility It is best if you can hire a recovery service authorized by Maxtor. If the outfit is not authorized, the warranty of your hard drive will be voided by Maxtor. So better ask the Maxtor data recovery service if it has special agreement with Maxtor on this issue.