Google Advertising

Google has proven to be a leader when it comes to advertising and have literally sown up the competition by offering their paid sponsor ads and pay-per-click features. The revenue that they are generating is overwhelming even if people choose not to buy.

They are ecstatic and have planned for the fact that people like to surf the Internet and do their shopping online, and they have only figured out a way to capitalize on this growing trend as more and more people surf and shop.

The use of certain terminology is needed, and this will be explained as we go through the article.

Searching on Google or any other major search engine will bring back certain results in the form of links depending on the search term used. There are usually ten organic links on a page that Google has determined to be relevant to the search. What organic means is simply that the page is relevant to the search term used.

On that same page of search results you will see links contained on the far right and at the top of the page. These links are paid for by certain advertisers.

There are advertisers who will actually pay to have their link and ad appear under certain search terms. These Pay-Per-Click links mean exactly that, the advertiser will only pay when someone clicks on their link. The cost can range from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the popularity of the search term used, and this can really add up over time.

Google on the other hand makes money whether someone clicks on the ads and makes a purchase, clicks on the ad to shop or even if they click on it by accident. Google raked in the tidy sum of $23,000,000,000 in the year 2009. That is a lot of money and Google gets paid just to direct traffic on the Internet.

Google is such a powerful and popular force that some people will see you as an expert in your field if you get ranked at the top of the search page on Google. Some consider this position even more highly regarded than a 30 second ad shown during the Super Bowl. If you control the traffic, you can control the cash flow.