Free Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of reviving data that have been lost due to physical damages like hard drive head crash, scratched, water-damaged or broken disks and tapes, and defective mechanism. Free data recovery refers to freeware or free software applications or utilities that anybody can download from the Internet for personal use.

Aside from physical causes, data could get lost when the file system is formatted; when the operating system running the machine is reinstalled; when files get deleted accidentally; when there is a virus attack; and when the system gets corrupted. These damages can happen to anyone and any computer anytime.

Most specialist would say that the best free data recovery system is to be pro-active in file management. There should always be a backup system especially for very important data. The backup will definitely make things easier and less frustrating when the unfortunate happens.

It’s a good thing that there are ways to recover your lost or damaged files. If the data loss has a large impact on your business or it’s a matter of national security or something, the wisest move is to go straight to the data recovery companies who have experts that can work on your problem.

But, if you think you know what you’re doing and you have a technical background in computers and storage devices, then there are two options for you: purchase a data recovery software package or download a free data recovery utility online.

Obviously, there is a huge difference on the cost for each of these two. Software packages could be expensive but they could really offer a lot to the user. The freeware mostly downloadable on the Internet entails no cost although some authors ask for donations for their efforts to keep on going.

Now, let’s say you accidentally formatted your drive and you have no backup. The freeware can help you recover them but you have to bear in mind a few things:

Stand up and leave that computer which uses the drive that needs the recovery system. You can’t afford disk-swap activities that could damage the data even more.

Never install or download the free data recovery software from the same machine you want to recover data from. Go to another computer and save the program on a flash drive and run it directly from there.

Never save the recovered files on the same hard drive you recovered them from.

If the machine is making strange noises or is returning error messages, stop the installation. This could be a sign of hardware malfunction.

Follow the tips if you’re planning to download free recovery software to address your data loss predicament. Remember to be cautious when getting freeware to avoid getting any more problems.

Be warned also about these websites that claim to give free data recovery programs, some could be deceiving. They would say the program is free but you’ll soon find out that these are just demo versions and soon you will have to purchase the real thing to get the benefits or more features. The freeware that is genuinely free are those utilities you can download and really pay nothing for.