Developing database driven websites

With the advancement of technology and continuous change in our daily life, it has been a mandatory now a day to build a database driven website. This type of website is not only capable of being updated in a short time but also it provides you a very convenient way to change the full design of your website just in a day.

Now a day, most of the websites follow a method of changing their website design after every 1-3 years. Again they regularly update their contents by adding new documents like articles, pictures, press releases and so on. The companies often find many new possibilities for them and then add many extra features in their websites to serve their customers. But if their website is developed using the traditional HTML coding without the use of database, then all the above possibilities become very hard to implement.

Actually, in HTML coding, it needs a series of files to be created to build a single website. Again these files need to have their contained documents in it. Thus in such static pages, images, documents, contents and design are intertwined. Whenever a user wants to view a HTML page, the whole page is transferred to the visitor’s browser with all the contents as if they are viewing the page just from their hard disk. Again, if the web site contains 25 pages as for example, then the designer needs to write design coding for each page to redesign the website. He needs to add the documents, images and all the other contents to match the design. Thus the cost becomes really very much bigger. In the other hand, suppose for a news site, if you don’t have a database, then you need to write the news documents separately for each page whenever you want to update the page. And you also need to write them as such, so that they meet the design. This is really a robust work, isn’t it?

In the other hand, for a database driven website, the designer or programmer would build a table containing the product description in the database of the website. The table may contain columns with related information about the product line such as product name, product identification number, price, product size, product weight, availability, image, description and so on. Now the programmer just creates the template file to represent the information from the table in a stylish way. Actually this template file contains the structure of the webpage, its design, navigation system, placement for the representing data and images and so on. Thus it shows the browser how the data is to be represented. And thus when a user wants to visit the page, the browser downloads the template and the template grabs associated data for the specific product. And thus it allows you to update and enrich your information and to change the entire design in a very simple and effective way. You just need to update the database to enrich the contents of the webpage. And if you want to change the design, then you only need to change the template rather changing the else data or the other coding.

Database driven website is actually the need of modern technology. To keep pace with the modern changing technology, it’s a must. And with all its features, it is really very useful in the modern internet.