Desktop Video Conferencing

In today’s age of Internet and technology, there has been tremendous transformation in the modes of communication. From small businesses, to big profit organisations, the merits of Video Conference calls have been lapped up by all so as to derive the best results possible. With the help of Video Conferencing, multiple applications can be performed. Many of the organisations, in order to seek fast, easy and reliable means of communication resort to the process of Video Conferencing. These organizations, with help of Videoconferencing, conduct online meetings with their clients or associates and hold online video seminars, also. Hence, Video Conference has made task-performing a hassle free affair for small firms as well as big corporate houses.

Literally speaking, there are several benefits of Video Conferencing:

* Multiple Functionalities within one: Video Conference calls benefit the user with different advanced features and attributes such as slideshow presentations, live video chats, web tours and more. It offers the user with a concrete conferencing soultion, allied with the mixed impact of audio and video.
* Cost Curtailment: With the help of Video based Conferencing, organisations, especially the small scale businesses, are being able to cut down their costs. They can hold their training sessions, meetings or other campaigns with the help of web video conference, which otherwise demands large money flow. Such type of Conferencing facilitates business-to-client or business-to-business communication at an economic price.

There are different types of Video based Conferencing Systems and they are namely- Integrated conference room, Set Top Video Conference system, Telepresence conferencing system and Desktop Video conferencing system. Each of these types has specific benefits. While the most commonly used Video Conference call System is the Integrated Room Conferencing system, the cheapest one is Desktop Video Conferencing System.

For this kind of conferencing, all that is required is a Computer, a Web-Camera and access to the Internet. The operating system must have conferencing software installed. Through this innovative yet simple operator assisted conferencing system, users can transfer data, share PowerPoint presentations as well as send text messages to the chat participants during the conference.

For online Conferencing, high quality internet connection is recommended. A connection with speed of minimum 128 kilobytes is an absolute necessity so as to ensure uninterrupted communication and smooth data transfer. For transferring high resolution videos or images, internet speed of 1GB is essential.

The host of live Conferencing can conduct one-on-one meeting with multiple participant. This telecommunication technology also allows to distribute message to various participants of the Conference. Collaborative white boarding, an advanced feature of this type of conference allows the users to share a same virtual board, and hence can view, review or discuss the same document image or presentation in real time.

Nowadays, the usage of Wireless headphones in Desktop Conferencing is highly encouraged. The Bluetooth technology involved with it helps in uninterrupted and enhanced service, coupled with an improved audio quality.

Today, every business house, large or small scale businesses favor Desktop Video Conference for communicating with their business partners or clients. A host of desktop video conference call service providers have ushered in to help medium and small businesses to avail desktop conferencing facilities. These Operator assisted Conferencing results in gifting inexpensive & faster communication, enabling business acumen to initiate necessary dialogue whenever desired. They can even monitor the proceedings at different office branches, helping them to manage their business better.

In this fast paced world, when every business houses are striving for a reliable communication network to collaborate with their clients and associates, Desktop Conferencing is aptly catering to the needs of these houses. This kind of Operator assisted Conferencing have evolved to help companies achieve their business means in a more cost-effective and economic manner. This type of Conferencing offers more personalized ways of communication and owning to its multi functional assets, it has benefited the cause of every business type.