Database Comparison And Synchronization Tool

DBTyP.NET 2007 is a free and high speed intuitive tool for visual cross-database comparison and synchronization that performs both structure and data comparisons of SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.

DBTyP.NET will save you time managing your database changes, bringing your development environment to the production or taking a whole set or just a small part of the production data to the development environment for easier debugging.

Cross-platform technology, which DBTyP.NET fully supports, provides complete and transparent operations with databases from different vendors – SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL. In next releases it will suport PostgreeSQL, Informix, DB2 and more databases which can be compared and synchronized.

The program scans both databases and displays every schema in it’s own tree view with all differences color marked. It shows at the same time full synchronization script in both directions. For each object provides a visually colorful script difference dialog.

The heart of the system rely on latest Microsoft’s .NET technology which bring the fastest data loading. Our unique schema difference algorithm takes in place especially on a large databases where all other products crashes or need hours to get a whole structure. We need just a couple of minutes in that case.

Feature list

* Analise, compare and synchronize structure of tables, views, stored procedures, functions and relationship

* Cross-database schema and data comparison and synchronization between SQL Server, Oracle* and MySQL databases

* Compare and synchronize data stored in tables

* Perform selective comparison and synchronization

* Virtual primary key definition on tables which are missing them

* Save time and improve productivity