Convenient Online International Money Transfers

International money transfers are a convenient and simple way to send money to recipients around the world. You can make a payment using credit or debit card to fund a transfer and then the money is converted into the desired currency before being sent to the recipient’s bank. Using this process means that you, as the sender, can control when money is exchanged ensuring that you get the best value for money and the recipient receives more of the cash they are owed.

Exchange rates fluctuate greatly and this is why many people use the foreign exchange as a viable investment and profit tool. However, these fluctuations also mean that unless you can closely manage your international money transfers, deciding exactly when you should exchange cash and send the payment, you may lose out. What’s more, using some of the more traditional forms of transferring money can also cost you more and take longer to process.

You will receive better exchange rates than offered by high street banks. You can also enjoy a completely transparent service where you always know exactly how much you are paying and how much your payment will convert to once it has been exchanged into your chosen foreign currency.