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The New Housing: Innovation and Optimism at the Helm

July 15th, 2020 | Posted in Advertising

Housing has reinvented itself. Those who are aware of the innovation skills of the portal would not be much surprised because the rebranding was anticipated. But the way the portal has crossed this threshold, it is surprising. No one would have anticipated that the technology start up would exhibit such positive spirit when connecting with the world. It seems that this spirit was hidden behind the scenes; away fromall stake holders. Now the new housing is able to share its enthusiasm that has so far been hidden from the world.

The portal has become a lot more colourful, which exhibits the vibrancy of the young minds at work. In its new vision statement, housing endeavours to make the world live better. It has taken on the mission to improve its services ten times over. This would be done by out seeing, out thinking and out doing competition and hurdles.

It is not surprising that this goal has been set by the portal is overtly ambitious. The three tenets that the mission statement is based on are the hallmarks of the inner-functioning of housing. Now they would become a part of the company’s culture; deeply ingrained in all processes at work in the company.

Optimism and Innovation

Whether you are looking for flats in Mumbai or a plot in Chennai, housing has always provided the solution. However if you initiate the search process on the portal now, you would come across a whole gamut of colours and a housing website that oozes with confidence. You open the web page and you are greeted with the new symbol that represents the positive and innovative spirit of the portal. You encounter the new logo of housing; the symbol to ‘Look Up’. This logo points towards dreaming big, looking beyond the need and aiming for a better life. This logo also represents that housing would forge ahead, creating new processes and innovation driving it into the future. It invites all stake holders to accompany it by visualizing better lives themselves.

In the new portal, a variety of colours greet you. These colours infuse a sense of positive spirit which has become a crucial driving force of the portal. Optimism accompanies innovation. Housing believes that there cannot be sustainable development without a positive outlook for the future.

The New Website Looks

The new website is resplendent with the housing logo. One can watch in depth the spirit of the logo as the new vision of housing is revealed. The page is even simpler to look at now. Crisp new options are available for all property related services. The ‘elegance’ of the website is exhibited in its simplicity, which belies the intricacies at work in the background.

Housing does not boast about its skills. It merely renders results in a simple format for the users to see. There is emphasis on the new brand without a doubt. However with this branding effort, the portal merely tries to connect with its users better. With endless possibilities in future, it would eventually be the end users who would be responsible for unravelling the best options. That is the quest that the portal invites everyone to embark on.

In Conclusion

The new housing web page is more spirited and compact. It shows that housing is ready to step into the unknown future with confidence; innovation at the helm.

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5 benefits how digital signage is helpful for new companies

July 12th, 2020 | Posted in Advertising

From our childhood, we have seen static banners as well as hoardings and now we have got numb over this mode of advertisements. On the other hand, we do not stop against a banner to see whatever it shows anymore as the world is changing and knowingly or unknowingly all the techie gadgets surround us.

Hence, some benefits are discussed below:

  1. It does not mean that branding products have stopped. Moreover, digital signage has taken a new and interactive way to attract the attention of the users. Digital signage is the new generation, one stop solution to promote the products and grab attention of the targeted audience easily. Fourwindsinteractive, a digital signage company professional can help you set up an appropriate digital signage.
  2. In a fundamental manner, interactive digital signage is a lot better than dynamical digital signage, let alone the static banners as they offer a variety of features to engage the customers to read the whole information and eventually engage them as well.
  3. Ideally, with digital signage the method of advertising has become very interesting. Fortunately, it not just allows an interaction between the customer and the ad by touch screen technology, but also helps him/her to make a decision, providing feedback. And, playing as well as making the customer more aware about whole product and service provided by the business. At the end, people can easily navigate the pages and get involved to know more about the company and its products.
  4. As a matter of fact, Interactive digital signage is a solution for the customer. In addition, the business, as the customer can attain information and the businesses can promote its products in an easy method. With this software the sales person does not have to be there, the interaction can engage the customer before the salesperson can attend to them keeping the customer from getting bored. On that note, while sitting and waiting for sales person to attend to him/her, helping conserve to the limited resource pool of the company.
  5. In essence, interactive digital signage can be placed in any place. As an example, it is a shopping mall, a showroom, a waiting lounge, airport, etc. People can fit this signage anywhere to attract their customers. These are very handy and do not occupy much space to get people connected with it. Moreover, it is important to get an interactive digital signage form a renowned company, as the software should be efficient enough to handle all the peripherals at your end. Henceforth, there are many companies who are offering this signage, but choosing the appropriate and apt software is the main task. The companies offer software at affordable prices so choosing this can be a budget-friendly process. At the end, the owner can promote their products and services to the user easily through this magnificent and effective manner of advertising.

The above notes define the benefits how digital signage is helpful for new companies. It offers the magnificent and effective manner of advertising.

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All About Buying Quality Research Chemicals Like Acetyl Fentanyl

July 11th, 2020 | Posted in Advertising

Research chemical are gaining quiet the popularity today as party pills, bath salts, plant food, legal highs, designer drugs, etc. But the main question of concern is whether you are Buy acetylfentanyl online. Internet has made life easy where you can buy things and services easily online as most businesses today have their online stores and outlets. But with the increase in such online stores selecting a worthy and genuine dealer seems to be quite difficult especially for products like acetyl fentanyl and other research chemicals or designer drugs.

The Many Online Stores, More the Confusion

When there are so many dealers selling what they claim to be purest forms of research chemicals online, finding a genuine supplier is tricky. But when you consider certain tips you can certainly buy quality products from quality sources.

Quality matters which mean you have to give more preference to quality over quantity. There numerous sites that offer research chemicals at bulk for a competitive price but you can never be certain that these dealers will deliver quality products or pure chemicals. Compare various websites that offer such wholesale deals. Instead of buying in bulk first buy the samples in small quantity from each site. By comparing the research chemicals you can determine the product of superior quality. Once you are satisfied with the product you can buy it in bulk. But again you need to be careful here because some online stores provide different samples and sell you low quality products in bulk.

Quality Customer Service a Part Of Quality Product

Quality customer care and support is yet another aspect you can consider while seeking a quality source providing you with quality research chemicals.  Legitimate suppliers offer complete value to the money that you spend. Genuine suppliers offering quality research chemicals provide with good customer support and answer all your concerns and queries related to the research chemical that you purchased.

A quality source understands the research chemicals and its complete nature and its effects on the body. Only from such source you can be assured about the safety and quality of the research chemical. Only a dealer selling quality product is vocal about the chemical composition of the chemical they sell. Make sure that you buy products where the composition is mentioned on the product’s package.

Choose the Online Vendor Wisely
Always choose an online vendor located in your country. For instance; if you reside in the U.S or U.K do not opt for vendors located in China.  By selecting a well established vendor in your own country you can minimize or avoid any risks like reliability of the product purchased; risk involved in online money transfers or pay using your credit cards.

Become a part of groups and forums involving research chemical enthusiasts is something that you can do to get to know about reliable quality vendors selling quality research chemicals like acetyl fentanyl. Such forums openly discuss about the sites where you can purchase the products or the sites that you need to avoid.

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Get Your Money Back: 5 Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

June 23rd, 2020 | Posted in Advertising, Uncategorized

Yes, you can promote email client affiliate programs, but I can’t get beyond the nagging question: Who still buys and downloads them?

While you do have several options, the number is pint-sized compared with the volume of people and businesses looking for email marketing software. Email marketing is a quick, efficient way to reach your customer base. It’s less expensive than sending traditional mail, and allows merchants and marketers to reach a large numbers of subscribers in a short amount of time. It’s targeted too, as only users who subscribe and opt in receive your emails, so you are assured that these are people who are interested in your niche.​

As shown in the above infographic, and as I expected, competition is stiff in this niche. There’s plenty of email marketing software vying for the same keywords.You’ll need to be creative and target keywords other than ” email marketing” and “autoresponder.”

Instead of going after these obvious keywords, target long tail information keywords like “how to pick autoresponders” or “how to start your newsletter series.” These may have low monthly searches, but they address a specific group of users who are interested in the subject and may actually make a purchase.

It’s a bit of a long shot, but it’s better than going head-to-head with other websites that have been in this niche far longer. You can always target other keywords once you get a few pages ranking, and getting consistent traffic to your site.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs

It’s been quite some time since I featured ClickBank products here in Niche of the Week, so I went into the ClickBank Marketplace to look for email marketing affiliate programs. They have products on list building, but not a lot that are specific to email marketing and autoresponders.

So I went online to search. It wasn’t that difficult, as there are plenty of email marketing software providers online. The ones you see below are the more popular ones.


I think some of you knew this email marketing provider would be here. For years, we have been recommending Aweber as an autoresponder, and it’s not because of the 30 percent recurring commission. It has have a user-friendly interface that is helpful to both beginners and advanced users.

Aweber manages its own affiliate program, so you need only go to the site to become an affiliate.


GetResponse is yet another popular autoresponder. It offers a slightly higher recurring commission at 33 percent. Like Aweber, it manages its own affiliate program.


I can’t help but feel a bit cheeky including Fluttermail here. We recommend Fluttermail as the autoresponder of choice in Affilojetpack because the system is linked to the site-building process in AJP. The autoresponder interface is straightforward and easy to navigate, too.

I had to include Fluttermail here because it gives the highest recurring commission among email marketing affiliate programs that I’ve encountered so far: a whopping 50 percent. This is also one of the few email marketing programs in ClickBank.

Make Noise For Your Campaign

Driving traffic to a webpage is no easy feat, which is why it’s important that you have a traffic or link building strategy in place. You can create your strategy after you complete the site, yes, but I prefer to have have at least a few methods jotted down before I put the site up.

Having a list early on helps me transition from site building to link building quickly and smoothly. Some link building methods I have in mind for this niche are:

Press Releases

Press releases are short articles that are written like news briefs. They are usually distributed via news wires and press release sites.

You can write about special offers or any announcements from the merchant or vendor of the product you’re promoting and place your affiliate link on the press release, or link back to a relevant article on your site.

YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing site today, and the world’s second-largest search engine (with its parent company, Google, taking the top spot). YouTube attracts 1 billion unique users monthly to view, upload and share videos.

Get a share of YouTube’s massive traffic by creating how-to videos on setting up autoresponder and how email marketing works, then paste your affiliate link in the description of the videos along with a link back to your site.

Link Baiting

Link baiting can be a hit or miss, as far as the “baiting” part is concerned. The way this method works is you create high-quality content, using and citing in it several authority sites within your niche as sources. You then inform the website’s you’ve linked to on your content that you have cited them as reference.

They can then take the bait and refer to your content on their own sites, and most do. It’s not so bad if they don’t, you still end up with great content on your site, but the having popular sites link back to your content is better.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs: Accept or Delete?

The commissions in the email marketing niche are great. They may not look much, but keep in mind that these are recurring commission so you will be getting them for the duration of the customer’s subscription. That alone is enough reason for me to try my hand in this niche.

I wouldn’t recommend this as the niche you start with. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then this is not for you. There’s just too much competition. If you have an Internet marketing site though, or a blog about content creation or marketing, then you can monetize your site with any of these email marketing affiliate programs.

I hope you find this week’s Niche of the Week informative and fun. Please be sure to share this using the buttons below!

Do you have any niches you want featured here? What do you think about this week’s niche? Leave a comment to let me know!

Want to know how to do keyword research? AffiloBlueprint has the lessons!

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FMTC Rolls Out a Much-Needed Data Feed Cleanup Tool

February 14th, 2020 | Posted in Advertising, Uncategorized

The number of educational resources available is amazing! These online tools are convenient, accessible and innovative – getting further help with your education has never been so easy. Transform and explore your educational pursuit with these options and more! From finding a tutor to grammar checker-upper, ShareASale Merchants have it all!

Data feed — a file (.CSV, .XML, .XLS or any other type) that lists a merchant’s
product information which merchants provide to affiliates enabling them to feature the merchant’s products right on affiliate-built websites [more here].

Cleanup — the act or process of cleaning up [source].

Unclean data feeds have been an ongoing problem. Once exported from merchants’ databases they would often have unnecessary data migrate through. From HTML code to special characters (like & ampersands and ” or ‘ quotation marks), and from whitespace to other things… they would frequently contain data that would make them difficult for affiliates to work with. The less savvy affiliates would consequently just skip merchants with poor data feeds and move on to working with the advertisers that provided clean ones instead.

Beforehand, to make unclean data feeds usable, good affiliate managers would work with coders (in-house or outsourced) to write scripts that would tidy up the problematic product feeds.

Yesterday, however, FMTC quietly rolled out an invaluable addition to their merchant/advertiser toolbox — a brand new Datafeed Cleanup tool.

The solution is available to Premium (read: paid) subscribers only, and the price of using the tool depends on whether you run your program on one or multiple affiliate networks.

Having just “test-driven it” personally, I can report that on a 7,000+ SKUs data feed it took me only 14 seconds to upload the CSV feed to FMTC and then 45 seconds for the tool to tidy it up and download the clean feed to my computer.

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