Career of Today: Biotechnology, Animation, BPO

Choosing a career today is a tough job. We often go by what others tell us, or the career in demand. We tend to ignore our personal desires or do not realize our potential. This often leads to living an unsatisfied life which further stagnates the growth. However, you need to realize that it’s our life and you need to make the right choice. There are many career choices like BPO which provides with easy money, or the professional courses like biotechnology. Also, you can get into the creative fields and exhibit your skills like in the world of animation.

Career in Biotechnology:

Biotechnology involves the science of putting together various technologies together in living cells and creating new products or improving upon the exisiting ones.

It not only sounds interesting, but the work involved is also very challenging.

It brings in together, people from various streams like physics, chemistry, mathematics etc who work on a common project.

Various courses available in biotechnology are B.Tech, M.Sc, medical biotechnology, M.Tech, M.Sc (marine) etc.

You can work as biotechnologists in various areas, both in corporate and government sector. Bio-process companies, pharmaceutical companies, MNCs, pollution control activists, agriculture related companies etc.

Career in BPO:

BPOs are he buzzword for the youth of today. With night shifts, a decent salary, without any need of a graduation degree, the BPOs have attracted a large number of people.

Parents do not hold very high opinion about BPOs but the truth lies in the fact, that in this world where many students with high degrees are sitting at home, BPOs have their doors open to everyone and anyone with a good command over the language.

You get to sleep while the entire world is working and you work when they sleep.

However, you can also pursue courses in the day time, along with working and earning money.

Most importantly, if you are working in a BPO you can also grow in positions. With the amount of hard work you put in, you can climb up to higher posts which often reduce the work load and increase the salary.

Career in Animation:

A career in Animation is for people with a creative personality and a vision to animate things into life.

There are many branches within animation. You can work as a compositor, key frame animator, digital link and paint artist, layout artist, modeler, in between animator etc.

There are various professional courses available for animation like clay-motion, stop-motion animation, rotoscoping, human anatomy, drawing etc.
You can work in various companies and sectors like the entertainment sector, fashion designing, publishing houses, web designing, computer and video game companies etc.

These three career choices are in no way connected. While the BPO life is not even close to being “the professional life”; a career in biotechnology fits the type perfectly. Also, animation takes you into a world full of creativity and imagination, far beyond from the other two courses. However, the common link between all of these sectors is that they are flourishing at a high pace and have inclined the youth of today in large numbers.