Big Savings at American with Legiant Time and Attendance XML API

Founded in 1954, American has built a market-leading reputation for exceptional customer service, selection, and price earning them numerous awards as an outstanding retailer of furniture, consumer electronics and appliances. Over the years, American has become known for building stunning, beautiful retail stores and for maintaining them meticulously.

Legiant provides critical upgrade in time tracking

With nearly 2,100 employees at 18 different locations in the Midwest, American needed a time and attendance system that provided excellent support with advanced features such as scheduling and an XML API. American researched several companies before moving forward with Legiant Timecard. According to Steve Klapper, Controller, “The thing that I liked about Legiant is that I thought that the system was simple, straightforward, and intuitive. I thought it was affordable, and I thought it was a good match for American.”

Before upgrading to Legiant, employees were not recording their time because they did not like using time clocks. As a result, the high number of missing punches made it impossible for management to know what hours employees were actually working. American utilized the Legiant Timecard eXtensible Markup Language Application Program Interface (XML-API) to determine if a sales professional does not punch out. In the case of a missing punch, the Legiant system records the sales person’s last finalized sale time as the missing punch. “With this system, we can see when their last sale was made, and we can record an early departure based on their schedule. It is very, very helpful.”

XML provides a common tool for rapid integration of the Legiant system with other programs, including Human Resource, Payroll, Accounting, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other systems. What formerly would take days or weeks of effort can now be done in a matter of hours or minutes.

Using the XML API, American was also able to integrate their Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals and office computers with Legiant to accept employee punches. “The fact that we can use our own terminals and workstations has addressed a very significant problem we have had. Not to mention that we already had the computer terminals in place, so we did not have to buy extra time clocks and it saved us quite a bit of money. It was a big, big savings for us.”

XML technology boosts HR integration

XML was developed to facilitate the sharing of information across different data systems. In the realm of human resources, XML can provide automatic updates between systems in real-time, including the addition of new employees, information changes, time transactions, and many other functions. For example, employee schedules from a Call Center Management system can flow instantly into Legiant Timecard.

For American, the XML API enabled the tight integration of Legiant with their sales floor terminals with minimal development time, ultimately saving time and money by removing the need for time clocks and increasing visibility to the data.

About American

American TV, a leading “brick and mortar” retail store serving consumers in 18 Midwestern locations is dedicated to serving and supporting the community in addition to offering exceptional furniture, consumer electronics and appliances.